Monday, February 15, 2010

Beautiful Sarah...

I'm currently putting together a bridal gallery
for the Katya website,
and my beautiful girlfriend Sarah sent through
some pics from her wedding.

Sarah and her lovely husband Ash were
married on a fabulous Summers day in December in 2006,
and still going know they'll be one of those
couples you can really see growing ridiculously old together
and still be peachy keen on each other!

Sarah's dress was one of the first ever wedding dresses
for me...along with the bridesmaid dresses
and what a nerve wracking experience it was!
A wedding dress is something so special you really
don't want to get it wrong.

But I think it all came together beautifully.....


  1. Karyn - you are very clever! Those dresses are just beautiful. I'm sure that bridal fabric was very unforgiving, but it looks absolutely perfect (the stunning bride probably doesn't hurt either!). Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah.....yes she did have the perfect body for that dress!